About HULMA Manila

As implied by the name HULMA (“to mold” in Tagalog), we put focus on the process. Designing space for brands demands an understanding of both the brand and their consumers and clients. As such, spaces made purposeful by HULMA are always catering to the consumer experience. We make sure your consumers are delighted in unique ways that carry your brand’s name across audiences.

We do this through our capable in-house team of designers, architects, engineers and contractors. This team delivers solutions that are innovative, purposeful, and most importantly, brand and consumer-centere


Magnify commercial identities by creating meaningful spaces that enrich the consumer experience.


To be the preferred partner in commercial design, construction, interiors, and fabrication in the global market.

HULMA Manila builds eye-catching, innovating, and emphathetic consumer spaces that acquaint lifelong buyers to trusted brands.

Our clients choose us for our core competencies


We have key offices and warehouse in 7 key cities and procinces, allowing nationwide coverage. Key provinces include NCR, Laguna, Bacolod, Iloilo, Cebu, Northern Mindanao, Southern Mindanao

Our industry demands understanding the consumer market in real time and we do just that with efficiency and quick turn-around time.


Speed should never sacrifice quality. HULMA products have proven to be at par with international competition and competent at catering to various audiences.

An all-in-one customizable package developed to delight our clients and satisfy their needs.


We provide end-to-end service from schematic design development to construction and more.

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We're always growing! We have a diverse team of architects, engineers, designers, & skilled workers equipped with brand purpose.

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