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Hulma Manila Careers

Certified Fire Watcher

  • Trained watcher assigned to observe ongoing hot works to identify and react to hazards.
  • Ensure that safe conditions are maintained before, during, and after hot work operations.
  • Applicants with safety training (BOSH/COSH) is an advantage.

Safety Officer 2

  • Responsible for planning, implementing, and overseeing workplace safety especially in our construction sites.
  • Must have attended 40-hour mandatory Construction Occupational Safety and Health Training.
  • Must have significant working experience as safety officer in construction.

Construction Civil Foreman

  • Highly skilled in carpentry, painting, and masonry.
  • Responsible in leading other skilled workers on site to complete the project on time without compromising quality.
  • Ensures that the crew complies with site rules and regulations.

Project/Site Engineer

  • A graduate of any engineering course that performs quality control tasks, reporting personnel performance and project status to meet client needs and requirements.
  • Collaborates with the project manager and other project participants to create efficient project methods.
  • Preferably a licensed engineer.


  • Plan and design buildings, provide concepts, plans, specifications, and detailed sketches based on clients’ directions.
  • Licensed architect with comprehensive knowledge in Computer-Aided Design (CAD) applications.

Industrial Designer

  • Plan, develop, and craft innovative designs to meet client specifications and company standards. Recommends functional and aesthetic materials, production methods, and finishes for manufacture.
  • Details and documents the selected design for production.

Operations Officer

  • A graduate of any technical course with knowledge and experience in non-permanent installation.
  • Responsible in planning, executing provided specifications, and monitoring the project progress.
  • With high leadership skills and capable of shepherding workers during project execution.

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